1. Do I log my VTO in NSCorp?

No: You only need to log your VTO activities/hours in the NetSuite Volunteer Portal, not NSCorp.

2. I am a PS employee – how do I track my time for these hours?

a. PS Employees will still need to register for all events in VolunteerMatch. After VTO has been taken, PS employees can book their hours to Job: WWPS Internal Productive J662439; Task: Volunteer Time Off. In the memo field of the task, please list the event.

3. Is there a formal process for requesting to use VTO from my manager?

a. Employees should email/discuss their volunteer event with their manager, and seek approval, as they would with other time off. Once approved by the manager, employees need to sign-up for or log their activity on the NetSuite Volunteer Portal.

4. Can I volunteer more than 16 hours a year?

a. The VTO program allows every employee to take 16 hours off a year to volunteer. If you meet that goal, you may discuss additional volunteer opportunities with your manager.

5. I participate in SuiteVolunteers – does this count for VTO?

a. No, VTO is for hands-on community service volunteering, not for the Pro Bono Suite Volunteers program. Employees may participate in both programs.

6. I’m not sure if an activity counts as volunteering, who can I ask?

a. You can ask the NetSuite.org team by emailing giving@netsuite.com.

7. How does VTO affect PTO?

a. It doesn't affect your Paid Time Off at all. VTO and PTO are completely separate.

8. Where do I find eligible projects or organizations?

a. VTO is about you helping your community. Please feel free to select a project you care about with a charity that is important to you. If you are looking for ideas, please look at NetSuite Volunteer portal.

9. My department head invited me to a teambuilding volunteer event; do I have to use VTO to participate?

a. No, if your department is spending the day volunteering as a team building event, this does not impact your VTO.

10. If I volunteer on a weekend or non-scheduled work day, can I carry over my VTO to use as PTO?

a. No. VTO must be used on a day that you are scheduled to work. You are welcome to volunteer on the weekend/personal time, but this doesn’t count as VTO.

11. What happens to my VTO if I leave NetSuite?

a. VTO will not be affected if you leave NetSuite, whether you've used time or not. It is not reimbursable.

12. What if the volunteer organization I find can't use me a full day?

a. You can divide your VTO hours up however you like. For example, if an organization only needs you for 3 hours, then you still have 15 VTO hours left to use at other volunteer events throughout the year.

13. How many events can I use my VTO for within a year?

a. It’s up to you! An example of how you might use VTO could be:

February – 3 hours – SuiteImpact Team Event at a children’s hospital

April – 3 hours – Personal volunteer day at a food bank

June – 4 hours – SuiteImpact Beach Clean-up

September – 2 hours - Personal volunteer day at an animal shelter

November – 4 hours – SuiteImpact event feeding the homeless


Volunteer Time Off (VTO) FAQs