It’s Grow Time! At SuiteConnect West we have something for everyone, at every stage. We’re here to help you stay focused on your growth, avoid pitfalls and take advantage of the innovations that actually make a difference.

Whether you want to explore NetSuite best practices, discover new products and solutions, or hear directly from your peers why and how NetSuite customers enjoy accelerated growth – at SuiteConnect West you can choose your own adventure. Customize an experience that is 100% you. Let’s grow together.

Agenda at a Glance

8:00 — 9:00amRegistration & Breakfast in SuiteConnect Expo
9:30 — 11:00amSuiteConnect Keynote

Evan Goldberg, EVP Development, Oracle NetSuite
Christine Bates, Head of Sourcing & Supply Chain, Sugar Bowl Bakery
Jennifer Cabalquinto, CFO, Golden State Warriors
Mark Goode, President, DSI
Bob Myers, General Manager, Golden State Warriors 
Pamela Yanchik Connealy, Chief Financial Officer & Global Head of Operations, Kiva
11:00 — 11:30amNetworking Break in SuiteConnect Expo
11:30 — 12:15pmBreakout Sessions
12:15 — 2:00pmLunch and SuiteConnect Expo
2:00 — 2:45pmBreakout Sessions
3:00 — 3:45pmBreakout Sessions
3:45 — 4:15pmNetworking Break in SuiteConnect Expo
4:15 — 5:00pmBreakout Sessions
5:00 — 6:00pmNetworking Reception in the SuiteConnect Expo
7:00 — 9:00pmSuiteConnect West AfterParty


Every business is different but growth is a constant. Join NetSuite EVP Jim McGeever, NetSuite EVP of Development Evan Goldberg, and special guest Bob Myers, Golden State Warriors General Manager, to learn more about strategies for growth, overcoming obstacles to growth and success stories from business leaders just like you.


SuiteConnect West will offer six unique tracks focused on the latest NetSuite products and offerings. You'll be able to select your preferred sessions during the registration process. 

Visit the session catalog here at any time where registered attendees can login to view and update their schedules. 

Secrets To Growing Your Business

Be Your Own Champion
Join us for this unique panel discussion where you will hear from trailblazing women in the tech industry on the importance of becoming your own champion. We have seen an increase in the number of women in leadership roles and this, in part, is due to the attitude shift happening in the world. Hear from these female leaders as they share stories, advice and experiences on how they became their own champions.
The Impact of Technology on Growth: A Private Capital Perspective
Sustainable growth is necessary for a PE or other sponsor-backed company to be successful. Join us and learn how technology shapes the way a sponsor-backed company operates and allows for future growth. In addition, hear how industry experts face the unique DNA challenges that exists in this space and how they use best-in-class technology to maintain, and bolster the value of their company.
Frontline Advice for Fueling Growth with NetSuite
You have the business strategy, the vision and the right resources -- all the right ingredients to run a profitable and successful business. All you need is a solution that lets you handle every business process and executes from one system; accounting, human resources, e-commerce, sales and marketing, product development, manufacturing. Oracle NetSuite is the #1 Cloud ERP solution that provides a single, integrated environment to run your business in real-time. With NetSuite’s SuiteSuccess model, it shatters the paradigm of traditional implementations via a transformative process that helps you realize your business vision in record time. Hear from a customer(s) how they have integrated, enhanced, and streamlined every facet of their business with NetSuite.
How To Craft A Pitch That Will Hit A Home Run With Investors
Record capitalization in the PE/VC space has encouraged an increasing number of companies to seek growth opportunities through private capital. In this session, experts discuss the fundraising lifecycle of a growing company—from securing early seed capital, to competitive series funding, to acquisition or even IPO. Join us to hear best practices for pitching your business at these various stages and tips for constructing your financing strategy throughout the investment journey.

Enhance Your Operations

Maximize Resources, Unleash Efficiency with NetSuite OpenAir PSA
Learn how the industry-leading PSA solution, NetSuite OpenAir, can help your services business take off with powerful resource management, project management, project accounting, billing management, and time and expense tracking. Hear how you can improve revenue, utilisation and increase customer satisfaction with NetSuite OpenAir.
The All-In-One Dashboard With Value-Driven Design
Learn to leverage reports, searches and KPI scorecards to create the ultimate dashboard. Starting with reports, we will explore how to create summary snapshots, display KPIs as pop-up trend graphs, and set up KPI meters. NetSuite experts will then dive into searches and explore how to use saved searches as custom dashboard reminders. Techniques for displaying trend graphs and creating KPI scorecards, to compare information over multiple date ranges or accounting periods, will also be covered.
Manage a Global Supply Chain in the Cloud
Today’s manufacturers, distributors and retailers are challenged with operating increasingly complex and internationally distributed supply chains. Finding, onboarding and managing new suppliers while continually optimising a global supply in a constantly changing market is not for the faint of heart. Attend this session to learn how NetSuite empowers its customers to manage their supply chains to thrive amidst the chaos of today’s fast pace world while also delivering on their service level commitments.
NetSuite Innovation: Analytics and Intelligence at the Forefront of Growth and Value Creation
A pioneer in the cloud, NetSuite has long been a leader in providing powerful business intelligence across its suite. The new SuiteAnalytics Workbook tool provides unique business insights and powerful decision making capabilities to users with limited to no technical knowledge. With new artificial intelligence and machine learning capabilities, NetSuite can deliver the insights, interaction and automation customers need to grow their business. This convergence of technologies produces intelligent automation capabilities enableing our customers to understand not only what’s happening with their business, but what will happen in the future and how they can stay ahead. Learn from NetSuite experts who will show examples, share their vision and highlight reactions from beta customers who are benefiting from the new SuiteAnalytics Workbook solution.

Create a Better Customer Experience

The Pathway to Commerce Excellence
To achieve success in today’s competitive digital marketplace, you need to do more than just replace your customer-facing systems. To differentiate your brand and delight your customers, you need to set the right technology foundation. By eliminating data fragmentation and duplication, you’ll have a single source of truth that can be funneled to all existing and future front-end systems to create the relevant and personalized experiences your customers expect. Learn about the recommended steps that NetSuite prescribes to get you on that path of delivering great experiences. You'll also hear from a fast-growing retailer who has expanded their use of NetSuite and the benefits it has delivered to their business.
Discover a Better Way to Do Ecommerce
Accelerate your digital growth with NetSuite's ecommerce solution, SuiteCommerce. As part of NetSuite, you have the advantage of running your business on a single platform. With pre-built B2B and B2C themes that will make your site look stunning, site management tools for business users, plugins to extend your site's capabilities and an accelerated 30-day deployment, you’ll have the freedom to grow and evolve your online business like never before. Hear from a NetSuite customer about how they grew their suite by adding SuiteCommerce.
Here’s What You Need To Know About Bronto Marketing Platform
Learn about the Bronto Marketing Platform and how you can use the data you are already collecting in NetSuite to send powerful personalized email campaigns that increase conversions, earn customer loyalty, and drive revenue for your brand. Hear how Bronto and NetSuite can seamlessly connect important data points to make the most of your marketing efforts, what powerful messaging strategies are used by successful retailers, and effective tactics that move the revenue needle. Plus, hear about one customer’s incredible experience pairing Bronto and NetSuite to optimize user engagement.
Build a Revenue-Driving Email Program Without the Shiny Objects
With AI and machine learning, email marketing has never been easier. Just sit back, put your feet up, and watch as a 360-degree customer view emerges from the pile of money these tools are creating for you. Well, it’s just not that easy, and marketers know it. It’s time to ignore the shiny objects and focus on building a realistic and effective email marketing program that differentiates your brand and maximizes email revenue. Attend this session to learn email marketing strategies that can not only be implemented but engage customers and drive revenue.

Optimize the Suite

The NetSuite Stairway: Take Your Business to the Next Level
In this session learn how NetSuite customers can leverage the NetSuite stairway to help grow their business and take it to the next level. Learn about the current and future extensions to the NetSuite solution set. Hear what's coming in future releases of our key 'add-on' applications, such as SuiteAnalytics, SuitePeople and SuiteBilling.
Add HR to Your Unified Suite with SuitePeople
Managing people and their data shouldn’t be difficult. Excel, paper and email are great tools but fall short as HR solutions. The new NetSuite solution, SuitePeople, was built to meet all of the HR needs for midsized businesses by maintaining your organization’s master data and delivering HR processes and services to foster a culture of engagement. Come see the technology in action and have the product team answer all of your questions.
Life After Go Live: Get the most out of NetSuite and ACS
“We were living in the basement of the NetSuite mansion.” That’s what Aaron Roberts, Director of Accounting at Downtown Project, realized attending a NetSuite conference post implementation. “It wasn’t until we engaged Advanced Customer Support that we could really go into the mansion and see what NetSuite could do. Once we discovered full capabilities of ACS and NetSuite, we realized, ‘Wow, we really needed that.” Advanced Customer Support meets all your support and ongoing sustainment and optimization requirements across all NetSuite products and enables you to take a proactive approach in keeping your solution at optimal level, mitigating risks and increasing ROI as your business continues to scale. Advanced Customer Support (ACS) is a proactive managed service to assist with the evolution of your solution, allowing you to free up valuable time for more strategic pursuits and simultaneously maximize the value of your Oracle NetSuite solution. Come to this session to hear Chief Financial Officer Joe Powers from zSpace share how the company significantly increased the value of the NetSuite solution by leveraging this managed service.
Maximize the Value of NetSuite with Learning Cloud Support
Learning Cloud Support is a subscription-based on demand training service that enables you to easily and cost-effectively engage in continuous learning that fits around your daily responsibilities. LCS is perfect for individuals or teams needing just-in-time training on many areas of the NetSuite application. With LCS you have online access to the most extensive NetSuite learning offerings available. And as a cloud solution, you will have access to learning content anytime, anywhere. Come listen to how customers are benefiting from Learning Cloud Support.

Improve your Finance Function

Quantify the Value of NetSuite in Your ERP Evaluation
Would you like to better understand the value of expanding or launching NetSuite in your organization? When embarking on any technology investment, it is important to understand the impact that the solution can have on your organization from a qualitative and quantitative standpoint. How does NetSuite help you expand into new markets, generate more revenue, increase profitability, better manage expenses and improve productivity? In this session, learn from value management experts how to identify and quantify various value drivers for your organization during the technology investment evaluation process.
Next Level Planning and Budgeting with NetSuite Planning and Budgeting Cloud Service PBCS
Streamline operations and supercharge your planning and budgeting process by deploying the Oracle NetSuite Planning and Budgeting Cloud Service (PBCS). PBCS automates and centralizes budgets, actuals, forecasts and calculations to ensure integrity in the planning process, from summary to detail. PBCS also offers the ability to accommodate all types of modeling, from simple expense budgeting to creating sophisticated ‘what-if’ pro-forma revenue forecasts and financial statements. Learn how PBCS functionality supports all industries and business sizes and helps adjust model outcomes at the speed of business.
Conquer Regulatory and Growth Challenges with Unified Billing and RevRec
Two of the biggest changes impacting businesses today -- the new ASC 606 revenue recognition standard and the adoption of a subscriptions strategy -- can be implemented successfully when your system supports them as part of a single process. NetSuite’s Subscription Billing and Advanced Revenue Management solutions do just that. They were built together from the ground up and designed to work together seamlessly. Learn about the capabilities of these solutions, and see how subscriptions and revenue management need to be more than just integrated, but built together to act as one.
Learn From The Best: Leading Practices from SuiteSuccess
Continuously optimize your business with NetSuite. Come and learn more about how best to leverage NetSuite and our leading practices for your industry. With NetSuite's SuiteSuccess model, it shatters the paradigm of traditional implementations via a transformative process that helps you realize your on-going business and system requirements in record time for both new and existing customers.

NetSuite for Solution Providers
  *These sessions are available to NetSuite partners only 

NetSuite Services for Partners: Learning Cloud Support
Learning Cloud Support (LCS) is a subscription-based training on demand service that enables NetSuite partners and customers to easily and cost-effectively engage in continuous learning that fits around daily responsibilities. LCS is perfect for individuals or teams needing just-in-time training on many areas of the NetSuite application. With LCS, NetSuite partners and customers have online access to the most extensive learning offerings available. And as a cloud solution, they will have access to learning content anytime, anywhere. Come to this session to learn more about how your company can partner with NetSuite to leverage this managed service offering and bring value to your customer engagement.
Expand your NetSuite Footprint by Adding PBCS to your Solution Arsenal
All growing Companies need to Plan, Budget and Forecast. Customers love NetSuite because of the speed and flexibility it offers them in managing their business. Learn how to Enhance your Customer’s NetSuite experience by Offering PBCS to supercharge their planning, budgeting & forecasting processes. Learn about the growing market opportunity for Company Performance Management and how PBCS will open up doors for NetSuite and our Partners to take advantage of this $12.5B market.
SuiteSuccess for Partners
Come and explore the SuiteSuccess value proposition for partners. We'll discuss the solutions that SuiteSuccess offers to partners, how partners can use and become authorized with SuiteSuccess, and how the SuiteSuccess team supports partners.
SuitePeople for Partners
Successfully managing HR and US payroll data and processes within the NetSuite platform is now a reality with the introduction of the integrated SuitePeople modules. Join us to learn about our Channel Strategy for SuitePeople and how this will benefit you. Also uncover more insight into SuitePeople’s current functionality and development plans to see how your customers can benefit and take further advantage of their NetSuite investment.