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Written by Gio Dionisio and LizAn Kuster of Impact Hub Manila

Now, more than ever, the world as we know it is becoming more and more flat. Through the advent of the internet, globalization has progressed at a breakneck pace. The virtual world has provided widespread access to information, means for instantaneous connection, and an increasingly democratized environment no longer constrained by borders or physical space. What ensues is a revolutionary time when entire industries are flipped on their heads, marketplaces expand beyond reach, and opportunities abound.

The Shifting Landscape

We can attribute this shifting landscape to three categories in a cycle of continuous change: Economical, Ecological, and Social. These three factors also give us an insight into why we must create innovations and disrupt business.

The rise of the sharing or on-demand economy—largely attributed to novel technologies like Uber and AirBnB—proves that from an Economic viewpoint, innovation does not wait. If you don’t initiate it, someone else—your competitor—will. Innovation is the key to growth and developing new ideas.

Ecologically, we all know that our planetary resources are limited, complicated by issues of overconsumption, waste management, and climate change. Our decisions should be motivated by these realities, and entrepreneurs must favor sustainable solutions, products, and services.

From a Social standpoint, consumer behaviors and attitudes are also adjusting to the modern condition. Customer co-creation, user-generated content, alternative pricing models, digital tools, and many other new ideas have entered the arena, and swift adaptation would benefit any venture, whether it’s a fledgling start-up or an established corporation.

Disrupting the Cycle

Knowing this, modern businesses and entrepreneurs must take up the challenge to innovate new ideas and accomplish positive impact. But how can this be achieved? Impact Hub Manila demonstrates three reliable approaches to fostering innovation and driving you towards realizing that dream.

First, previous notions about successful business models and strategies should make way for fresh perspectives. Remove your filters and think like a child. Forget accepting status quo and innovate something new instead.

Second is to just take the risk. Exert the effort and be bold with your convictions. Having that entrepreneurial motivation can be intimidating at times, but perseverance goes a long way.

Lastly, be inclusive. Bring in different people with different points of view. Impact Hub Manila is a staunch advocate of innovation through collaboration, with a belief that “Impact cannot happen isolation. It requires collective action.” Their proof of concept can be found in their numerous networking opportunities, educational events, and training programs, such as the Impact Hub Fellowship and the KICK Incubation Program.

Are you willing to take a chance, and be part of something bigger? You have in you the vision of an entrepreneur, an innovator, a changemaker? Apply now! Contact LizAn Kuster,, +63 915 431 04 54.

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